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Hemp Oil Solid Shampoo

Hemp Oil Solid Shampoo

123 g

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✅ 100% Frei Palmöl

✅ 100% Bio

✅ 100% Vegan

✅ Handgefertigt

✅ Made in Berlin

✅ Lieferzeit 2-3 Werktage

Green hemp oil shampoo nourishes and moisturizes skin…

It increases the shine of the hair and makes hair healthy and strong.

Natural soap consisting of (organic hemp oil - argan oil - shea butter - cocoa butter - olive oil - linseed oil - castor oil - Elmi essential oil - tea tree oil - Spirluina powder
Solid shampoo with nourishing hemp oil, the absorbing effect of green hemp oil..
It is handy, firm and incredibly nourishing.
A mild shampoo with pure hemp seed oil & shea butter & coca butter...
With the solid hemp shampoo, your hair is gently cleaned and hemp oil also has a strengthening effect on your strong hair.


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